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an open book with writing on it and the caption'while on a trip, you'll not be able to write
As a person who travels a lot, this is brilliant.
a watercolor painting of an alleyway with stairs leading up to the street lamps
Beautiful Portals
Montmartre | Paris
a lake with mountains in the background at sunset
Sunrise in Yosemite!
Sunrise in Yosemite National Park, California by Molly Wassenaar
a tree that is standing in the water
Loch Lomond
an old church made out of rocks with a cross on it's steeple
Little Chapel in Guernsey - I spent so much time in this place when I lived in Guernsey, it's just so pretty
a building that has many pictures on it
17 Bookstores That Will Literally Change Your Life
Librairie Ptyx in Brussels | 17 Bookstores That Will Literally Change Your Life
an outdoor swimming pool with thatched roofs and doors leading to the beach side rooms
24 Angelic Places That You Must Visit in Your Life -
24 Places That You Must Visit in Your Life
the sun is setting over an old stone gate with a road leading to it and trees on either side
DIY Free Trip Planner: Plan a Trip with : TripHobo
Castle Gate, Scotland
a train traveling through a lush green valley next to a river and mountain covered hillside
Top 10 European Train Trips - Travel - National Geographic
Top 10 European train trips. These sound like so much fun! Love train travel. But I need @Minh-Tu Pham there to play Tien len with!
a river with blue water and trees in the background at night time, lit up by bright lights
Ichetucknee Springs State Park
This natural spring looks like something out of a dream. But it's real & you can visit it right here in the USA...
the mountains are covered in snow and bright red light from the sun shining on them
a man standing on a log in the middle of a lake with mountains in the background
Joffre Lakes, BC
there are many couches and chairs in this train car that is decorated with plaid fabric
The Royal Scotsman Train is a luxurious train that travels the Scottish Highlands.
pink flowers with the words 10 countries perfect for solo female travelers in front of a pagoda
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10 countries that are perfect for solo female travelers! #travel #alexinwanderland