La Spiaggia

La spiaggia di Rivabella non ha questo nome per sabbia è dorata e fine, il mare pulito e dolcemente degradante con gli scogli a protezione delle zone…
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a large ferris wheel sitting above the ocean
Buongiorno Rimini News e commenti da Rimini e provincia
the sun is setting over an ocean with umbrellas
a bride and groom standing on the beach under an arch made out of streamers
Beach wedding_what better than sea background for the pics of the most important day of your life. Bagno 10 Vatikaki Rivabella di Rimini Italy
a woman standing on top of a sandy beach next to an umbrella covered in sun
Relax at the beach, only me, spring time, beautiful peace. Rivabella di Rimini, Italy
the beach is lined with rocks and water
Good morning!!! Inhale...Exhale #vatikaki #spring #beach #water #sea #seaporn #myrimini #beautifulplace #march #wanderlust #turismoer #EmiliaRomagna #nature #naturelovers #natureza #beautiful #peace #sun #morning #vivorimini #vivoitalia #igersrimini #Rimini by moniasassi
many umbrellas are set up on the beach for people to sit and play in
panoramic view of the well organized beach in emilia romagna with playground for kids, umbrellas and chairs, pic nic area, and many other services like toilets and showers Bagno 10 Vatikaki Rivabella di Rimini Italy
the water is crystal blue and there are rocks in the sand on the shore line
ahh the beauty of the sea...<3 Bagno 10 Vatikaki Rivabella di Rimini Italy
many chairs and umbrellas on the beach
Umbrellas pagoda stile at the beach 10 Vatikaki in Rivabella, Rimini, Italy