UOVO DI PRIMAVERA MEDIO - Glicine - PatriziaB.com  Uovo primaverile interamente rivestito con cordoncino in seta, arricchito da una fine decorazione di fiorellini di stoffa e nastri di raso


This egg is entirely covered with a silk cordon and enriched with a delicate decoration of small fabric flowers and satin ribbons

Huevos de pascua

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Large Dried Wheat Wreath Wall Hanging Hessian by WildFlowersWigan

This beautiful hanging wreath made from dried wheat is a must for any door or wall at your wedding venue. The heart wreath is gift packed in its own specially designed box.

Cute Bunnies Kimekomi Easter Egg Ornament by Ornament Designs

Here is a beautiful Japanese folk art, which dates back several hundred years, and is wonderfully continued at Ornament Designs on etsy.


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