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Di Kenny Random, street artist di Padova "The place where sth amazing will be "

The Street Art of Kenny Random [21 pics]

Abstract Street Art - Kenny Random is an Italian street artist with a penchant for street art that falls well outside the realm of the normal or the expected.


A gallery of amazing street art pieces by Padova, Italy-based artist Kenny Random, including his cartoon characters and silhouette man.

vintage blackboard: La street art che mi piace: Kenny Random

Paintings by street artist KR Kenny Random Italy dalla street-art alla tela

Kenny Random @Padua, Italy

Padua, Italy, piece by Italian artist Andrea Coppo aka "Kenny Random".

Sokakların Yeni Banksy'si Kenny Random'dan Etkileyici Sokak Sanatı Eserleri Sanatlı Bi Blog 25

Kenny Random is a street artist hailing from Padova, Italy who creates silhouette-style men that looks like they’re living inside the city walls. Bit of poetry & a bit of art. Kenny like to pla…