Valerion Silver

Valerion Silver

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A Peaceful Bouquet for your wall, Recycled Soda Cans on repurposed wooden breakfast tray

Hair refresher. Its specific formulation is conceived to refresh and clean all hair types without using water. It does not weigh the hair down while creating a full-bodied volume. Hair is scented and soft like just-washed, thanks to the starch that absorbs the excess of sebum. HOW TO USE: Shake then spray onto dry hair at a distance of about 20 cm, paying attention to make short bursts. Leave on for about 1 minute and brush. In order to have more volume blow-dry with cold air.

Davines // Authentic Moisturizing Balm > Start in einen guten Tag

Kids shampoo and bodywash - amazing no more tears formula and made from almond oil so really gentle on the skin!! Recommended by our stylists with Kids! Available at

This could easily be made with lace fabric from a craft store, a plain headband, and hot glue.

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Polish Frizzle, Chamois. Stephen Green-Armytage.

Naturaltech Energizing Shampoo. It gently cleanses the hair stimulating scalp micro-circulation and increases the mobilization of toxins. Thanks to the fragrant essential oils, it gives a pleasant sensation of energy and vitality.

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