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Marylin Monroe in Emerald. How pretty. #OPPO #Emerald #ColorOfTheYear

GLAMOROUS, beautiful yet troubled, Marilyn Monroe remains Hollywood’s most famous star. Known as much for her feminine curves and undeniable sex appeal as her screen presence and acting abilities, we’ve charted the style of one of cinema’s best loved icon

Taken with the Find 5 by Hendrik #OPPO #Find 5 #Find5photo

The World Through the Camera of Find 5 - Photography - OPPO Community

Taken with the Find 5 by SteveOppoinOz #OPPO #Find 5 #Find5photo

Taken with the Find 5 by SteveOppoinOz 5

Stoker de Park Chan-wook, aún sin fecha de estreno.

Director Chan-wook Park exhibited phenomenal patience and creativity on set

Park Chan-wook with Mia Wasikowska - Stoker

: Left on the image Mia Wasikowska in her role 'India Stoker', right, 'Stoker' director Park Chan-wook. Photo: (C) 2012 Twentieth Century Fox. 'Stoker' premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on 20 January worldwide release starts in February