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Valerio Caldara

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It;s taken me a while to see the beauty of these, but its there. Back to the Future Nike Mags

Moto X finally official: Motorola X8, 4.7-inch 720p AMOLED, custom finishes, assembled in the USA from $199

One plus one

Nokia Lumia 630 Orange with bluetooth mini speaker

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This looks good. I am tired of the new trend to tailor your suits too small. While its infinitely better than sagging your pants to your knees, it simply can't be comfortable.

Really like the grey color with a subtle hint of brown on this suit!

Marc Jacobs... I very rarely pin menswear, but ooh la la, I want to put my husband into this ensemble!

Random Inspiration 79 | Architecture, Cars, Girls, Style Gear

Double breasted grey suit. Put a black Eldridge knot and some Gucci blacks on that and I'm going places