Free 10K training plans for beginners! | via @SparkPeople #running #fitness #workout #training

Spark Your Way to a 10K

Sparkpeople Walk/Jog Program We recommended doing this walk/jog workout 3 times per week (spread throughout the week, not 3 days in a row), and cross-training another times per week.

how to be a better runner

Proper form in running includes correct posture. See this great info graphic on all the different pieces that make up proper running form.

3 awesome training plans for building up running endurance! | via @SparkPeople

Running Workouts to Build Endurance

Are you looking to build running endurance? If so check out these useful training plans to build running endurance!

8 Week Plan to Go From Walking to Running.... starting this when it warms up again! bring on the 5ks this summer!!

An 8-Week Plan to Make You a Runner

Celebs Can't Stop Doing This Treadmill Workout, and Neither Can We! - this treadmill workout is designed to max out your body in 30 minutes! It has everything from hills, endurance, sprints.all in 30 minutes!

Best Pinterest Workouts of 2014

If you're looking for a workout that will blast calories in no time at all, check out this 20 minute treadmill workout that's great for when you're short on time.