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Protection Blessing: "May your Angels fly with you wherever you roam, and guide you back safely to family and home.

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"My Art Journal" by Diane Salter. Online course "My Funky Little City Scapes" with Jodi Ohl. I like the composition

21 strategie per stimolare la creatività. Mental coaching per trovare soluzioni creative. Creare con la mente qualcosa di nuovo è sempre un’attività meravigliosa e ricca di soddisfazioni, a volte però cadiamo nel buco nero del blocco mentale da cui sembra quasi impossibile trovare via d’uscita.

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Art journal page on fabric...july7_1  (Whole series of cool pages on this site)

Here are some more pages I did: The full text reads: do not bottle up your feelings. (I used this beautiful art as a guide.) And here’s the next page: The full text reads: all you have is now…

Come diventare ricchi e liberi in 6 passi

Come diventare ricchi e liberi in 6 passi (Infografica)


Indian Child with Elephant. The elephant is chained or roped. Apparently elephants are mistreated and abused in the most horrible way. In this picture however, it is all sugary sweet.

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Tree of Life Vintage English to French Dictionary Page Art from Etsy by Wooden Doll Arti