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Rubik's Cubes were for nerds. The cool kids had Rubik's Snakes. That's what us dumb kids used to say.

Snorks | 12 Saturday Morning Cartoons From The ‘80s You Probably Forgot Existed

Remembering my Favorite cartoon, The Snorks! Every Saturday Morning!

Sticky Hands.  #90s #00s #memories #toy #kid

What's more fun than sticky hands? Throw 'em against any flat surface and watch these vinyl Glitter Sticky Hands get a grip, then see whose holds on the longest! hands reach out from long sticky string. Assorted colors, assortments may vary.

Angel, la niña de las flores!

cartoni animati lulu l'angelo tra i fiori - Bing Immagini

Risultato della ricerca immagini di Google per

Il gettone telefonico per chiamare dalle cabine telefoniche.

ラ・セーヌの星 | Ra Sēnu no Hoshi | Il Tulipano Nero

When I was little, it was aired on German TV under the name of "Stern der Seine" (Star of the Seine). I loved it so much, it was a lot like "Rose of Versailles" and it had mystery and action and history and romance .