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a black and white photo of an architecture card game in its packaging box next to it's cover
ICONIC - cinqpoints
several white and black vases are lined up
Interior Design Scandinavo
several different types of black and white objects
Ode to Things
a book shelf with books and miniature houses on it
an open black box sitting on top of a white table next to a pair of scissors
Original artwork
Artist's portfolio case, custom made by Cathy Durso. Holds matted or unmatted prints, photographs, drawings, and other artwork on paper
an open cardboard box with a notepad, pen and pencil
Objets publicitaires et Goodies personnalisés en express OBJETS PUB EXPRESS LA BOITE A GOODIES ®
COMFYPACK carnet publicitaire triptyque papeterie en carton (1)
four yellow tubes in a white box
Packaging design: le 10 idee più originali del secolo
a plant is growing out of some colorful blocks
Mellow Vases: A Story of Blending Light
<p>Design studio Hattern is a trio from Seoul creating two-tone acrylic vases inspired by Impressionism. The aim is to elicit same effect of a changing light as the Monet or Renoir did, so Hattern pro
five different colored blocks sitting in the middle of a white room with no one on them
Nendo in mostra al Design Museum di Holon
two chrome bathroom faucets sitting next to each other on a white counter top
15+ Enthralling Industrial Furniture Sliding Doors Ideas
Unbelievable Ideas: Industrial Bedroom Pink industrial chair islands.Industrial Modern Color Scheme industrial lighting dining.Industrial Modern Office..
four different colored objects are arranged in the shape of a radio or speaker, including a bluetooth and an orangetooth
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Mezzo by Ionna Vautrin - Radio vintage
a silver object with a green light coming out of it's end on a white surface
Smart Warmer 3 in 1
Smart Warmer 3 in 1 — Devices and Cases -- Better Living Through Design, flashlight, hand warmer, charger
a person's hand reaching for a roll of toilet paper on a gray background
Paper LED torch light - Design Miss