Victoria Kramer

Victoria Kramer

Victoria Kramer
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1girl bita_(vaderc) fate/zero fate_(series) highres irisviel_von_einzbern…

bita_(vaderc) fate/zero fate_(series) highres irisviel_von_einzbern long_hair realistic red_eyes solo white_hair ~ reminds me of Lana only she'd have silver eyes.

Anime picture 				900x1200 with  		original 		baby soul 		long hair 		single…

Anime picture with original baby soul long hair single tall image red eyes sitting white hair fringe barefoot legs holding horn (horns) bare legs mouth hold pale skin forest girl hair ornament tree (trees)

Blue roses

album cover apt blue rose breasts cleavage closed eyes corset cover crystal dress flower hair over one eye juliet sleeves large breasts lolita fashion long hair long sleeves original petals puffy sleeves rose silver hair solo very long hair white dre


" she screamed, tears running down her pale face. Her lips trembled as she fell to her knees." She lifted her head, her snow white hair falling in her eyes "Is that too much to ask, as my final wish"