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beloved angel prince 😘💕💜

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a man with an afro wearing sunglasses and beaded necklaces on his neck, standing in front of a dark background
My Purple World
Post Ur Prince Photo's Part 4
three people standing next to each other wearing hats
Prince Gifs
a young man pointing to the side with his finger in front of him and an audience behind him
a close up of a person wearing a suit and tie with his hands on his chest
Since Prince's Passing (post Ur Pics part 2)
a man with long hair wearing a red shirt and black pants standing in front of a blue background
The purple corner - The lol of the Day
prince performing on stage with microphone in hand
Post Ur Prince Pictures Part 10
a man dressed in yellow and blue is performing on stage with his hands out to the side
Le style flamboyant de Prince
a close up of a person holding his hand near his face and looking at the camera
Post Your Prince Photos Part 8