Festtafel zu Weihnachten - Tischdekoration mit Tafelfarbe

Special dessert for tonight! Chocolate brownie, caramel ice cream, candied popcorn and peanuts brittle by Pastry Chef Antonio Bachour

Intrecci al cacao e vaniglia

Food Presentation Tips - Plating Principles: Balance, Unity, Focus and Flow

By Alexa Magarian To finally have the opportunity to apply the skills learned in class and present your very own creation to the public is.

Biscotti incredibili di mandorle e cannella (senza uova) (Arabafelice in cucina!)

Individual Desserts, Plated Desserts, Glasses, White Chocolate, Berries, Trifle, Panna Cotta, Oreo, Chocolates

Make chocolate collars on PVC pipe covered in baking paper. When set fill with hazelnut mousse and serve with hazelnut dipped in toffee.