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three plates with designs on them sitting next to each other
several mannequin heads are sitting on top of a dresser
an intricately designed piece of art made out of white plastic and silver metal wire
Superb Ceramic Wall Art To Keep You Fascinated - Bored Art
a white mannequin head with a veil on it
Le Capot marandais
a close up of a ceramic head on a white surface with brown and red paint
Jan Zalud
Jan Zalud | Clive Hicks-Jenkins' Artlog:
a close up of a statue of a person's head with eyes closed on a bench
Rita - Welcome
Büsten - Mädchenbüste für den Garten und die Wohnung aus Steinguss; Steinfiguren aus frostfestem Antiksteinguss. #busten #frostfestem #garten #madchenbuste #steinfiguren #steinguss #wohnung
a ceramic sculpture of a woman with horns on her head
Ceramics Doris Althaus - Hi Buddy, How you doin?
Ceramics Doris Althaus #althaus #ceramics #doris #bohemian
a ceramic head with a bird perched on it's shoulder, against a white background
Isabelle Decencière
Isabelle Decencière
Isabelle Decencière
a woman's head is covered in white and blue hair, with two cats sitting on top of it
2016 Making of Resonance
Amanda Shelsher Contemporary Ceramics - Solo Exhibition 2013
a blue and white ceramic busturine with a fish on it's head
2016/15 Bronze Public Art
Amanda Shelsher Contemporary Ceramics - AMANDA SHELSHER: GALLOWS GALLERY
a ceramic sculpture of a woman with a chicken on her head
She just gets better and better #Amanda Shelsher Contemporary Ceramics - Kidigo Art House 2014 @ Deedidit D.
a ceramic bowl with two giraffes in the center and trees around it
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