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a crossword puzzle with the words'present continuous pastries'and an emoticive smiley face
English Grammar Present Continuous More
four square stickers with different expressions on them
Go fish - Feelings
Go fish - Feelings
a poster with words and pictures on it that say, everyday life action verbs 2
Everyday life action verbs 2
Everyday life action verbs 2:
there are three articles in this article and one is an umbrella, the other has a question
How To Get Fresh Content For Your Website
GRAMMAR: Parts of Speech| Articles: A colourful Article chart gives a definition and examples of how articles are used in English.
the spanish poster shows people in different ages and sizes, with an image of a robot on
a calendar with different words and numbers on the page, which are also in english
English tenses
the table of english tenses is shown in green and red text, with black letters on
table of-english-tenses
Table of English Tenses Simple tenses THE PAST THE PRESENT THE FUTURE Signal words last ... / ... ago. / .. in 1990 / yest...
a printable worksheet with the words first next then
Narrative Story Board.pdf
Narrative Story Board.pdf
a glass filled with water next to an image of how much water is in it
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