“Her first reflex is to bury herself in his chest, and hug him tight, hold on to him as if he’s the only thing keeping her afloat in the midst of the storm going on inside of her.” — wanna-be-nomad

Steve Hanks. I love Steve Hanks works.

Prompt: The house appears to be a story in itself. What has this woman lingering at the window in this painting entitled "Sunday Afternoon" Steve Hanks

Companions of the Big Easy By Steve Hanks Published by The Greenwich Workshop

"Companions of the Big Easy" / Steve Hanks / Watercolor / Published by The Greenwich Workshop

satyrica:  Raphael Kirchner - Greek Virgins, 1900

Raphael Kirchner was an Austrian artist, principally a portrait painter and illustrator best known for Art Nouveau and early pin-up work, especially in picture postcard format. His work served as an early inspiration to Alberto Vargas.

Irene Sheri

“Russian Irene Sheri (Ukraine trained at Saint Petersburg Academy of Art.