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Delicious cocktails?! Yes please! I am working on my mixology skills and love to drink wine, sangria, cider and more. Pull up a bar stool and let's toast to our health and some wonderful drink ideas.
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a glass filled with candy cane christmas cocktail on top of a checkered table cloth
🍬🎄 ❄️ Dunk your Peppermint Stick into a Candy Cane Christmas Cocktails: A Yuletide Delight! 🍹 ✨
🍬🎄Experience the merry magic of Sonya's Candy Cane Christmas Cocktails! 🍹✨Sip and savor these Yuletide concoctions, bursting with festive flavors and holiday cheer. It's like Christmas in a glass! ❄️🎅 Let's toast to traditions, joy, and sweet holiday memories waiting to be made!🌟🥂
two glasses filled with pink and blue drink
Shark Attack Punch Cocktail
Shark Attack Punch Cocktail | Shark Attack Punch Mocktail | Vodka Cocktails | Shark Gummy Cocktail | Punch Cocktail Recipes #SharkAttackPunchCocktail #SharkAttackPunchMocktail #VodkaCocktail #SharkAttack #PunchCocktail
The Unusual Negroni is a breezy riff on a classic cocktail. This drink mixes Hendricks gin, Aperol, and Lillet blanc into a beautiful summery aperitif. Cocktails With Lillet Blanc, Aperol Gin Cocktail, Lillet Cocktail Drinks, Sophisticated Cocktails, Craft Cocktail Recipe, Vegetable Juices, Cocktails To Try, Hendricks Gin, Classic Cocktail Recipes
Unusual Negroni (with Aperol and Lillet Blanc)
The Unusual Negroni is a breezy riff on a classic cocktail. This drink mixes Hendricks gin, Aperol, and Lillet blanc into a beautiful summery aperitif.
three halloween cocktails in glasses with bats and pumpkins
Spook-tacular Halloween Cocktails & Drinks to Try This Year 👻🥂🎃🍹
Raise your spirits this Halloween with our boo-tiful collection of eerie elixirs & magical mixtures! 🎃🍹 From creepy cocktails to haunting hot-drinks, we've got all the recipes you need to spook your guests and make your party a graveyard smash! 👻🥂 Don't be a scaredy-cat, dive in! #halloween #drinks #cocktails #happyhalloween #halloweenparty #halloweenvibes #cocktails🍹 #halloweenhorrornights #drinkswithfriends #halloweenseason
a gin cocktail in a coupe glass with a lime garnish on the rim
Gin Gimlet: A Classic Cocktail Recipe
Here's how to make a gin gimlet, a classic cocktail recipe with a rich history, a balanced flavor profile, and only three ingredients.
an image of tropical sangria with oranges and kiwi
Easy Tropical Sangria Cocktail
This easy five ingredients tropical sangria cocktail recipe is made with white wine and dark rum and takes only a couple of minutes. This White Wine Sangria Recipe is just the cool refreshing treat that you need. This vibrant easy Cocktail is perfect for the holidays, brunches and can be scaled up to be crowd pleaser. #tropicalsangria #sangria #whitesangria #whitewinesangria #easywhitewinesangria #whitewinesangriaforacrowd #whitesangria #pineapplesangria #whitesangriarecipe
Homemade Eggnog Recipe with Alcohol That is Delicious
Redneck Rhapsody is busy making a fantastic holiday cocktail. This homemade eggnog is not your average recipe; it will be a family tradition after you serve it. This double dose of alcohol is just what you need to kick off the holiday season. It is great for parties and can even be stored for leftovers. Rum and honey whiskey are just the perfect blend to make your eggnog recipe special. Dive in and make a big ole batch! Cheers y'all!!! #cocktailrecipes #cheers #alcoholrecipes
margarita on the rocks with lime wedges in it and text overlay reading margarita on the rocks
How to Make a Margarita on the Rocks
Knowing how to make an amazing margarita on the rocks is a borderline essential life skill, don't you think? Here's exactly what you'll need and what to do. #margaritarecipe #margaritaontherocks
an advertisement for wine tasting with pictures of cheeses, crackers and bread
Experience the Magic at Magpie Springs!
Explore the esoteric allure of the Fleurieu Peninsula! Immerse yourself in boutique wine tasting at the vineyard farm Magpie Springs, followed by a decadent platter feast. Venture into our cellar door surrounded by lush vineyards. Discover the secret of our 7 different varietals, available only here. Art is your thing? Our onsite Art Gallery awaits you!
a glass filled with ice cream and lavender sprinkles on top of it
Iced Lavender Matcha Latte
This Iced Lavender Matcha Latte has the perfect balance of flavors. It has a sweet floral taste from lavender simple syrup.
the best chocolate and cream cocktails for valentine's day or any special occasion
30+ Chocolate Cocktails and Drinks for Decadent Treats
photo collage of chocolate drink ideas with text which reads 35+ best chocolate cocktails
the best autumn harvest cocktail recipe
Indulge in Fall Flavors: Best Autumn Harvest Cocktail Halloween Cocktail Bourbon Apple Cider
Embrace the charm of fall with our Best Autumn Harvest Cocktail! A sublime blend of bold Bourbon with crisp Apple Cider, a heartwarming infusion to savor. Unearth the true essence of autumn in each sip, where the resonant warmth of Bourbon pairs perfectly with the fresh, tangy notes of ripe apples. A heavenly concoction that's bound to tantalize your taste buds. Indulge and immerse in the flavors of the season! Perfect as a Halloween cocktail for your fall party.
an old fashioned drink sits on a wooden tray next to two glass vases with orange slices in them
How to Store Bourbon Properly
Want to learn how to store bourbon whiskey properly? We'll teach you where to store your bourbon, what container to use and which caps to use. Click here to learn how to store whiskey. #whiskey #bourbon
an apple spice cider in a glass next to apples
Super Fall Halloween Cocktail - Plum Apple Spice Cider: the Cold Toddy Recipe!
Immerse yourself in a world of comfort with our Plum Apple Spice Cider, the ultimate Halloween cocktail and cold toddy recipe! This flavorful concoction soothes the soul, hugs the taste buds, and sparks a delightful warmth that journeys from your lips to your heart. Unveil your own cozy magic as you enjoy the simple, yet enriching pleasures of life through this heartwarming drink. A sip is all it takes to fall in love!
someone is pouring water onto their hand and holding a bottle with something white on it
Beer can | Beer Life #beerlife
Crackin' open some opportunity 😎 #cheers #beer #beerlover #craft #beerlive