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Petroleum Oil used for our gas Got us wondering how long will this power last Cause seconds turn to hours fast As time ease through like an hour glass and whether or not you upper middle lower class doesn't matter we all felt the aftermath when the plane and towers crashed Mourning Souls we lost through Osama's Wrath Another page in our history MCs we right chapters and paragraphs Using mics like power staffs To teach the seeds who don't know the half How to take control before…

Care about us undakova.blogspot.com Mass destruction Then invasions Bombs erupting I don’t knowwww who to blame or What needs changing All I am thinking is They don’t really care about us Engulfed in Exploitation Corruption I don’t know who to blame or What needs changing All I am saying is They don’t really care about us 17th century 21st century really doesn't matter if you are not writing the history In the end of it all when they mention we Will they mention you? Will they mention me?

Life is it full of pain. OR is it just me being full again. Consumed all I want and then I pulled the pen, out talking bout all that's cruel within. Deep down inside I know I am the blame. Duck down and hide just cause I am ashamed. To open my eyes and find I am the same. Just lusting for pride in which I am contained. The focus that I know that I can bring, would lift me up high If I tried and aimed Although I realize I decide the frame, I picture my life still confined and tame.

YOU ! CAN DO! WHAT YOU! WANT TO! IN YOUR LIFE! SOON- YOU- WILL- FIND- THAT- IN- DUE- TIME- IF YOU FREE YOUR MIND AND REALIZE YOU'LL FEEL ALIVE Come on,Take a walk through this Mainframe of this corporate forte-urous (Fortress) Same game just fame is what they offer us Its all corrupt don't let your thoughts adjust To the television sets Cause they forcing us To lose all that's sacred and its costing us We cruise the hatrix like morpheus With out a clue in this world what's in store…

Life is such Undakova.blogspot.com Inspiration all you need to grow Tap into your source and let it flow You design the path and where it goes Follow your heart and watch it unfold

Now is the time that you guide my dreams Now is the time that I wake up Now is the time that I am not sleeping Now is the time Cause enough is enough Now is the time that I am calling on courage Now is the time thatI go deep inside Now is the time That I don't feel I am selfish Now is the time That we need our pride Now is the time That it is great to be human Now is the time That we all come alive Now is the time that we know what we're doing Now is the time That we all shall thrive

Stop your brain from thinking, your pains and aching, by staying patient Watch how we sway the Nation, with a simple innovation Here’s what I am saying Is we need to cut the bond between the brain and what is wrong cause we dwell and no longer feel our best So put your mind at ease and all you have to do is breath into the beat and put the thinking to rest Though it ain’t that easy First step ya need to believe me Second check in your self seeking in deeply And sta

Now let’s see We all know that TV has the ability to distort what we see Now we In response to what we see have responsibility to just partially believe Those Remarkable feats, the cars and the jeeps, The one mc in the bar full of freaks I got Involved in the beats And revolved around ciphers as a young-en That would start in the streets The problem is these Companies growing on images Hoping you believe what you view is significant "Only if it’s visually stunning they’ll consider it

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