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ulugh beg

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ulugh beg
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Coming in for a landing….Bees are a symbol of fertility as they spread their joy between flowers so that we can continue to appreciate all that we take soo much for granted. Please plant flowers to encourage, birds, bees and butterflies.

Anand Varma: A thrilling look at the first 21 days of a bee’s life | Talk Video | TED.com

A new honeybee emerges from a brood cell. A new honeybee emerges from a brood cell. This image is composed of 23 digitally merged photographs. ALL PHOTOGRAPHS BY ANAND VARMA


The crumpled wrinkles paper ball of the riemann space can contain zer-curvature, positive curvature and negative curvature curvations, all starting from a plane paper.

Gustav Klimt, Lake Attersee

A “frame filled with lake water” is what one contemporary art critic called Gustav Klimt’s 1901 painting of Lake Attersee. Although several commentators are of the opinion that this lake painting is almost even abstract, it wa

Superfluidity and liquid helium

rudescience: “ longestpathsearch: “ Superfluidity & Liquid Helium Author: longestpathsearch​ in collaboration with rudescience​ (first in a series of collaborative posts between rudescience and.