Strawberry Champagne Punch - perfect Christmas beverage

Strawberry Champagne Punch - perfect Christmas morning beverage or a special wedding cocktail or a bridal shower.

Copycat Sunset Passion Red Lobsters

Sunset Passion Colada

Sunset Passion 1 ounces coconut rum 4 ounces pina colada nonalcoholic drink mix 1 ounce non-alcoholic strawberry daiquiri mix Directions: Place rum and pina colada mix in blender with ice. Blend until smooth. Pour into a tall glass

Cranberry Amaretto cocktail

Cranberry-Amaretto Kiss

Cranberry Amaretto Kiss: 2 cups cranberry juice cocktail 1 cup vodka cup amaretto 3 tablespoons fresh orange juice Place in pitcher, chill. Pour or shake with ice. Holiday drink for entertaining.

Côte d’Azur 1965 Photo: Georges Menager

Côte d'Azur 1965 France Photo: Georges Menager - never seen a beach swing like this!

Aperol Spritz

Italy pre dinner Aperol Spritz: Place ice cubes in a low ball glass. Add oz Aperol, then Prosecco, and top with club soda. Gently mix and garnish with an orange slice.


Provocative Billboards


Campari Orange Passion 1 part Campari 3 parts orange juice 2 orange slices 1 teaspoon brown sugar Muddle the brown sugar and orange slices. add crush ice, Campari & Orange Juice Stir gently Garnish with a cherry

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