Easter Deviled Eggs

Use your favorite Deviled Egg recipe, with this cute Easter themed twist! Deviled Easter Egg Chicks are a great way to get kids to try Deviled Eggs!

Frozen Banana Penguins

cute frozen banana and chocolate penguin snack. If I ever need a pen name it will be Frozen Banana Penguin.

Crispy Potato Roast

Crispy Potato Roast - sliced potatoes layered sideways to ensure maximum number of crispy potato edges (and minimal accusations of unfair distribution of the crispy bits)

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Easter Chicks Deviled Eggs recipe from @sheknows - Skip the plain old deviled eggs for these adorable hatching chicks. They're sure to be the hit of your Easter brunch.

Turn boring deviled eggs into adorable hatching chicks with this easy recipe

hamburger di patate e zucchine (3)

Hamburger di patate e zucchine

Sbriciolata salata con zucchine stracchino e speck

SBRICIOLATA SALATA con zucchine stracchino e speck

Sbriciolata salata con zucchine stracchino e speck - Salted Zucchini with crumbled stracchino and speck

Crusless Zucchini Quiche #glutenfree

This Crustless Summer Quiche is made with finely sliced courgettes, tomatoes, light ricotta. It is a very low carb and gluten free healthy light dinner.

Girelle di zucchine, formaggio e speck

finger food: pasta sfoglia con zucchine formaggio e speck

Polpette di tonno e zucchine con cuore filante, facili veloci morbide e golose con un cuore di formaggio che si scioglie in bocca, cotte in forno

Polpette di tonno e zucchine con cuore filante

Antipasto: Polpette tonno e zucchine - Appetizer: tuna & zucchini balls

Girelle di zucchine saporite

Girelle di zucchine saporite

Zucchini Swivels with Ham,Eggs and Cheese - A nice starter.Try it with Egglant.