Spiral staircase, Oscar Niemeyer. (Few professions more optimistic than the architect. Nobody will fall of its design stairs or need a handrail. I adore lunatics.P.B.)

Spiral Staircase Systems: Iconic Staircases - Itamaraty Palace - Oscar Niemeyer - I would bust my butt, but it is beautiful!

ISandwich-like construction: all metal parts made of 10mm thick steel sheet, wooden panelling made of 20mm thick edge glued board clamped into the wall

Simple as it can be - all metal parts made of thick steel sheet, wooden panelling made of thick edge glued board. TYPE OF STAIRS clamped into the wall MATERIAL white lacquered welded steel sheet, oak treads

In this apartment the furniture and architectural elements such as the stair blend perfectly: the handrail is embedded in the wall, a console table becomes a step. Designed by Studioata

House Studio by Studioata 6 Beautiful Wood Insertions in a Modern Homes Interior Design

Sicilian Story: Casa G by Francesco Librizzi Studios

Sicilian Story: Casa G by Francesco Librizzi Studios

This staircase, which consists of platforms and wood boxes on a metal framework, connects two floors of a Sicilian fisherman’s cottage remodeled by architect Francesco Librizzi.

jamie fobert architects with atelier romeo / cantilevered staircase in private…

Staircase in silver travertine designed and manufactured in the Romeo Company and transported piece by piece on the work place to be installed manufacture on measure

Swart metaal trappe, n idee vir buite trappe na glybaan van booste verrek...

nope that's a ladder."This metal staircase, designed by Francesco Librizzi Studio, sits in House C, a house in Milan that still has many original details. The staircase takes up little space in the small room and leads to a loft-like sleeping area.