By Sepo (Pozzati Severo), 1928, Aperitif "amer Picon". Art-Deco (S)

L’apéritif Amer Picon by Sepo Pozzati Severo / Pretty amazing that such an old illustration still serves as great inspiration.

Vintage Italian Posters ~ #Italian #vintage #posters ~ campari-l-aperitif

Italian Futurist Period Liquor Poster by Marcello Nizzoli, 1928

This vertical Italian poster features a stem glass being filled by a seltzer bottle on a tray with a bottle of liquor. Beautiful Vintage Posters Reproductions Classic posters by Marcello Nizzoli Campari l'aperitivo France

Poster by Maga (Giuseppe Magagnoli), 1922, Bitter Bonomelli/Milano.

Bitter Bonomelli 1922 Milan Italy Vintage Poster Art Print Retro Italian Drinks Advertisement Free US Post Low European Post by CharmCityPosters on Etsy

Vintage Advertising Posters | Grand Mariner

Grand Marnier by Jordi Labanda - this beautiful ad looks vintage but is not (from advertising campaign in USA and Canada)