Choco history

a hand on top of a large piece of chocolate in front of some paint cans
Monticello and the History of Chocolate - Jen Schmidt
Grab the kids and enjoy a behind the scenes peek at Thomas Jefferson's home, Monticello, and learn some incredibly interesting facts about #chocolatehistory @chochistory
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Wilhelm Natural History Botanical Prints 1810
Wilhelm Natural History Botanical Prints, 1810, Chocolate.
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IxCacao - The Mayan Goddess of Chocolate
IxCacao is the Mayan Goddess of the Cacao tree and Chocolate that is made from the fruit of that tree.
the chocolate history is shown in this poster
The Wheel of Chocolution
The Wheel of #Chocolution - Find out more about #chocolate in this #infographic -
the history of chocolate info poster
The History of Chocolate | Infographic
History of chocolate infographic / via @Siilversuun
an old botanical print with leaves and flowers
Chocolate (Theobroma Cacao) Botanical Illustration
Der Cacao und die Chocolate by Alfred Mitscherlich, Berlin 1859
an ancient painting on the side of a building
An Aztec pochteca merchant, Codex Fejervary-Mayer
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Mesoamericans were making beverages from cacao before 1000 BC. Chocolate was an essential component of all important ceremonial and social occasions among the Aztecs and their Mesoamerican neighbors.
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Albany Kid - Things To Do In Albany NY
Aztec Cocao statue
an info poster showing the different types of chocolates and how they use them to make it
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Chocolate Infographic
an old statue sitting on top of a glass shelf
Choco-Story Paris Chocolate Museum | Paris for Visitors
Statuette at Choco-Story
an info sheet with different types of boats in it
My Chocolate have created a fantastic Indulgent Guide to Chocolate Infographic! It acts as a ‘Guide to Chocolate’! It’s packed with interesting facts and statistics all about the history of this delightful food, the varied characteristics of the cocoa bean and the lesser known health benefits it holds. Check it out here: