Choco Art

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a cup and saucer with an image of cherubs painted on the side
Avviso di reindirizzamento
antique plate and chocolate cup (called "chicchera") ceramica di Castelli, Italy
a painting of chocolate squares on a brown background
Viktor Kopp - Chocolate, 2009, Oil on Canvas,
a nude woman laying on top of a bed covered in chocolate colored sheets with her hands behind her head
Christophe Gilbert – Esteemed Photographer & Photo Manipulation Artist – Be Creative
Christophe Gilbert Advertising Photography & Photo Manipulation
an old fashioned chocolate container with labels on it
Theriault's | Auctions
Lot: 398. French Metal Miniature Parisian Kiosk as Chocolate Dispenser 10" (25 cm.) The metal/tin six-sided kiosk,a miniature replica of the beloved Parisian landmarks of the late-19th century,is laden with advertising for Chocolater Menier,and is designed as a candy dispenser for that very candy. Excellent condition. French,late-19th century. Theriaults Antique Doll Auctions
two women standing next to each other in front of an advertisement with chocolates on it
advertising | Harbour City Chocolate Trail by NAM | Charlene Choi — Twins
uncommon chocolate // 3D Printed Chocolate City by Naoko Tone and Atsuyoshi Iijima #3Dprinting
uncommon chocolate
uncommon chocolate // 3D Printed Chocolate City by Naoko Tone and Atsuyoshi Iijima #3Dprinting
an assortment of miniature tea and coffee items in a wooden box with matching cups and saucers
Tea, coffee, and chocolate service offered by Louis XV to Queen Marie Leszczynska after the birth of the dauphin in 1729 | Louvre Museum | Paris
an arrangement of desserts is displayed on a plate in the shape of a tree
Amazing 'Zero Gravity' Chocolate Art
This gourmet chocolate masterpiece is the work of NAM, a Tokyo-based collective of art firms known for creating images were people and objects defy gravity. What's amazing is that the pictures were taken without using Photoshop, with the illusion of floating chocolate created by using clear strings and cables with models suspended in harnesses.
a woman in a dress holding a tray of food
Chocolate in The art , liotard