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“Gambara sought help from Frea (the goddess Frigg), who advised that all Winnili women should tie their hair in front of their faces like beards and march in line with their husbands. So Godan spotted the Winnili first and asked, "Who are these long-beards?," and Frea replied, "My lord, thou hast given them the name, now give them also the victory." From that moment onwards, the Winnili were known as the Longbeards”. (Paul the Deacon "Historia Langobardorum") (From

The "Iron crown". Used since first years of Middle Ages until the nineteenth century to crown (among others) lombards kings, Charlemagne, Frederick I "Barbarossa", Napoleon, until Italy's kings. "Iron" crown (silver in reality) because legend tells that the material of the inner ring of the crown is the iron of a (saint) nail of the cross of Christ. (Cathedral of Monza)

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Little lombard funeral cross. When the Lombards became christians these little golden crosses were sewn on top of the shroud. You can see little holes for the wire at the extremities of the arms of the cross.

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VI and VII century, front panel of the lombard king Agilulf parade helmet (Florence, Bargello National Museum)

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Lombard jewelry

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Nuove scoperte a Cividale: tombe longobarde con inaspettati tesori