Tupperware Parties: the first social network

Who remembers Tupperware parties? I certainly remember my mother getting the blue tablecloth, miniature pencils and plastic tubs out of an evening and showing her friends how these everyday objects can keep your food fresh all week.

Old Tupperware ads.

Vintage Tupperware Ad I remember mama had a party in the and the lady brought some whipped cream in a container a week before the party to show how good it was at the party.

Vintage 1970s tupperware gifts advertisement scan

advertisement for Tupperware gifts. Loved the pastel bowls with clear lids! Remember the really small bowls?

A Tupperware party in the 1950s. Photo: ABC

Tupperware & Brownie Wise: Amazing documentary about women and plastics and reinvention in Post World-War II America - Retro Renovation

Tupperware ad, christmas theme, 1962 by Gatochy, via Flickr

Tupperware ad, christmas theme, , originally uploaded by Gatochy . "Gee, how she's going to love this Tupperware"

1981 Tupperware Ad

1981 Tupperware Ad

tupperware party

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