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La Pedrera (Casa Milà) (Casa Milà 'La Pedrera')

One of the Strangest Buildings in the World - La Pedrera, Spain

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Unique Vintage Engagement Rings

Rough stock ring. This would suit me so much. I'm "Leather Boots & Pearls kind of girl" but this falls in the territory :)

Cute Winter Outfits To Get You Inspired

Jacqueline Mikuta+ the Ugg trend + classic pair of ankle high boots + rolled jeans + cable knit sweater + wide brimmed fedora hat + cosy + homely look + colder winter days Shoes: Ugg Australia.

Toscana, uma das regiões mais lindas da Itália! Com seus ciprestes, campos de girassóis e plantações de uva.

Go explore something great. Travel makes you riches. Gives you memories that can't be stolen.

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Abandoned Village in China overtaken by Nature. Shengsi Archipelago is a famous tourist destination located at China's Yangtze River. Plan a trip to China with the World's Smartest Trip planner