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Tronchini Chiara

Tronchini Chiara
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Ayano (Kagerou Project) Ayano Shintaro

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Leaves are our favorite parts of fall in Kansas City. But make sure you keep them off the grass.

I love fall! Except for waking up for school. I mostly love pumpkin/apple sweets, coolish weather, and Starbucks caramel brûlée latte!

Mekakucity Actors - Kagerou Project

Found none till date! Even m not loyal to ordinary friends. but will be to that one very special frnd who luvs and chooses me no matter wat!

10 Sad Anime Quotes That will touch you deep inside

Some Dark or Sad Anime Quotes sometimes are a reflection of our past or feelings, we are always connected to anime characters and their feelings,sad or happy.