Tilda Swinton and W Team Up for Incredible Surrealist Editorial

Escape from reality with these surreal photographs of Tilda Swinton by Tim Walker. The fashion shoot, Stranger Than Paradise, is for the May 2013 edition of W Magazine. Via: W Magazine

Tim Walker has shot the fierce and inspiring Tilda Swinton in a surrealistic fashion adventure for the current issue of W Magazine. Styled by Jacob K, “Stranger Than Paradise” features Spring fashion from Giorgio Armani, Haider Ackermann, Francesco Sognamiglio, and others.

Tim Walker Shoots Tilda Swinton For W Mag May 2013

Hans Bellmer. Best known for his assemblage pre-pubescent life sized dolls and surrealist photography offers grotesque yet beautiful imagery that leaves the viewer fascinated and disturbed at the same time. Bellmer's work is said to have been inspired from meeting his pre-pubescent cousin, who was a good deal younger than he.

Les Jeux de la Poupée (The Doll Games). Hans Bellmer was a German artist best known for the life sized pubescent female dolls he produced in the and.

Great ideas for children's photography Aorta's Monky Styles

Levitating Clone Photography

Monky Styles - Fantastical photoshoots like the Monky Styles photo series are too playful and quirky not to love. Yes, its surreal quality may deter you from appr.

“Indepensense” is a Surrealist photography project by Italian artist Giuseppe Mastromatteo

Indepensense – Surreal version of the human body

Jumping body parts? In this latest series by Italian art director Giuseppe Mastromatteo, called Indepensense, we find that our senses have

Because I'm still in love with you ... I wanna see you dance again, on this harvest moon...

Nicole Aline Legault - women in the water. Definitely like something like this for Blind; possibly for the Jane Austen chick lit work too.