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Beatrice, Video
an advertisement for the movie ballate per ummini bestie, which is written
Vinicio Capossela - Ballate Per Uomini E Bestie | Recensione - TomTomRock
a man with a beard is singing into a microphone while wearing a green hat and plaid shirt
Vinicio canta "Camminante" a 2300 m d'altezza, nel cuore delle Dolomiti. MAGIA PURA!
a man with a red headdress holding an accordion
Vinicio Capossela si prepara ad un nuovo tour in Italia “Ombre nell’Inverno” - Radio Web Italia
Opera, Verona, Ravenna, Carnevale, Banda, Dell, Ed, Concept
a man in a black hat and cape is walking through the grass with a blanket on his back
Il film documentario di Vinicio Capossela arriva a Los Angeles, tra la migliore produzione del cinema italiano
a painting of a man sitting on top of a chair with a guitar in his hand
Vinicio Capossela ~ Abbandonato
a man with a top hat sitting on the side of a building holding a box
a black and white photo of an animal with horns
Vinicio Capossela - Brucia Troia (Live)
Vinicio Capossela - Brucia Troia (Live) - YouTube
a woman with her hands up in the air while wearing feathers and holding two knives
"Polvere": la festa dionisiaca di Vinicio Capossela al Market Sound
a man wearing a top hat and holding an old piano in his right hand while standing next to a building
a man wearing a cowboy hat and glasses playing a piano in front of a microphone
I 20 anni di Capossela al Fuori Orario: il concerto è tutto esaurito - Foto
a man is looking down at his cell phone in the dark, with one hand on his head
Vinicio Capossela presenta il progetto “Bestiario d’Amore”
a man in a red hat is playing the guitar and singing into a microphone on stage
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a man with a beard wearing a hat