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Francia es un país maravilloso, lleno de lugares únicos. Francia es mucho más que París. Aquí iremos subiendo lo mejor de Francia, sus lugares imprescindibles y…
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Printable Travel Planner for Your Next Trip
Plan your trips in an organized way with this super useful printable trip planner. You can print at home the entire planner or just the sheets you need, as many times as you need it. My Travel Planner helps you to plan your trips without stress. It will guide you through the entire process in an easy way. This planner is a digital PDF file to print at home or in a store, it is sent by email once the payment has been made. My Printable Travel Planner (Pink) quantity
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Gift Ideas for Camper Van & RV travelers
Not sure what to give? Think about their likes and favorite activities. For example, do you have a traveling friend? Do you have a friend who loves traveling by van or motorhome? Do you want to give a gift to someone who likes camping or hiking in the mountains? Do you want ideas to give yourself a gift? In this post, you will find more than 50 gift ideas for people who like to do outdoor activities, vans, motorhomes, and campers. There is even a selection of eco-friendly, plastic-free, vegan gifts for all tastes (and budgets). The post is divided into five sections. The first is my top 5 gifts for vans, and then you have a section with gifts inside the van: kitchen area, other super helpful accessories, and the occasional whim.
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Consejos para organizar un Road Trip Perfecto
En este post te voy a dar todos los consejos necesarios para planificar un road trip por tu cuenta. Si los viajes por carretera son lo que más te gusta o quieres probarlos, sigue leyendo, te lo contamos todo! Como bien sabes, nos encantan los viajes por carretera; no concebimos una mejor manera de disfrutar de los viajes y los recorridos que vamos haciendo. Un buen road trip es una experiencia que hay que disfrutar al menos una vez en la vida. Eso sí, no basta con echarse a la carretera sin más. Aunque no sea un viaje al uso, también es necesario tener en cuenta algunos consejos para que tu viaje por carretera sea inolvidable.
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The Best Things to do in Nice in 1 or 2 days
On our road trip through the south of France, we visited the city of Nice, the capital of the Côte d’Azur. I honestly did not have a city among my priorities on this trip, but that surprised me pleasantly, and where I ended up looking forward to staying in longer. One day in Nice was too short! There are many things to do, which is one Must-See in this fantastic city.
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Visit Bordeaux: UNESCO World Heritage Itinerary
Bordeaux, the Aquitaine region’s capital, is a city in southwestern France, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has also been on the list of recommended cities to visit by Lonely Planet, and we have visited it twice now. This route begins at the monument to the Girondins, which was erected in tribute to these deputies who were guillotined because they were accused of conspiring against the Republic in 1793.
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25 Must-Visit Places Close to Nantes + MAP
What to visit near Nantes is one of the most asked questions from you, including ourselves! So, finally, the weekend arrives, and we ask ourselves, where will we go? In case you didn’t know, we have been living in Nantes for a little over a year, so we’re still in the process of getting to know the surroundings of Nantes.
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Must-Visit Places in La Rochelle
Let’s start visiting La Rochelle, a maritime city with many things to see. With beautiful architecture, arcaded streets, and museums. You can walk or bike around the city, do water activities, visit the nearby islands, and stroll through its beautiful parks. Let’s start!
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Exploring France on a road trip: How to Plan the Trip
Exploring France on a road trip offers breathtaking views of vineyards, charming villages, and the dazzling French Riviera." Traveling by car through France allows you to experience the rich history and vibrant culture at your own pace, from the bustling streets of Paris to the serene countryside of Provence
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Staying at a luxury hotel in Provence offers an enchanting experience
Staying at a luxury hotel in Provence offers an enchanting experience that merges exquisite comfort with the rustic charm of southern France. Surrounded by lush vineyards and fragrant lavender fields, guests can unwind in elegantly designed rooms that boast panoramic views of the breathtaking landscape. The hotel's amenities typically include a gourmet restaurant serving Provencal cuisine, a spa offering relaxing treatments with local herbs, and personalized services that cater to every whim. This idyllic retreat not only provides a haven of relaxation but also immerses guests in the cultural richness and natural beauty of Provence, making every moment of their stay unforgettable.
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Visiting Sault in Provence, natural beauty in lavender
Visiting Sault in Provence offers a breathtaking experience, especially for those enchanted by the rustic charm of French countryside towns. Nestled amidst the rolling lavender fields that bloom vividly during the summer, Sault provides a picturesque setting that is quintessentially Provençal. The town itself, perched on a rocky promontory, offers panoramic views of the surrounding lavender fields and distant Alps. Strolling through its ancient, narrow streets, visitors can enjoy local artisan shops, quaint cafés, and traditional markets. Cycling and hiking in this region are particularly rewarding, with well-marked trails that promise stunning natural scenery. Sault's serene atmosphere and natural beauty make it a perfect retreat for relaxation and immersion in rural French culture.
the best things to do in clisson france
The Best Things to Do in Clisson, France 2024
The Best Things to Do in Clisson, France 2022 - Touristear Travel Blog
the top 10 things to do in gordos
Provence’s most beautiful hilltop village, Gordes, is a must-visit destination. One of the towns to make the honoured ‘Les Plus Beaux Villages de France’, a collection of France’s most beautiful towns, Gordes has earned its reputation. Taking in sweeping scenes across the Luberon, the view from Gordes is just as spectacular as the view of it. From the hum of activity, as hundreds of stalls fill the village on market day to the handsome pockets and cobbled streets, this hilltop hamlet is every bit as charming as it first seems. Gordes should be on every Provencal itinerary. In this guide to Gordes, I’ll take you through where to eat and stay, and what to do, as well as handy information such as how to get there and when to visit.
the best things to do in touron french riviera read more
The Top 10 Things To Do In Toulon, France
Toulon is a port city on France’s Mediterranean coast, with Cannes to its east and Marseille to its west. It’s best known for its rugby, extensive naval base and harbour and rugged Provencal landscape nearby. Read on for Culture Trip’s pick of the top 10 things to see and do during your trip to Toulon. After disembarking in the morning, you will head along the port with its typical old “pointu” fishing boats before reaching Place Louis Blanc, at the bottom of the vast Provencal food market on Cours Lafayette. You can enjoy strolling around the Provencal market (open every day, smaller market on Mondays), with its stalls piled high with sun-packed fruit and vegetables.
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Porto in a Weekend: The Ultimate Two-Day Travel Itinerary
Porto, Portugal's second-largest city, is a captivating blend of tradition and modernity, famous for its rich history, stunning architecture, and, of course, its world-renowned port wine. With just two days to explore, planning is essential to make the most of your visit to this vibrant city nestled along the Douro River. From its picturesque riverside to the bustling streets filled with baroque churches and majestic bridges, Porto offers an array of unforgettable experiences. Whether you're savoring the local cuisine, wandering through historic districts, or taking in the panoramic views, Porto is sure to leave a lasting impression.
the best things to do in guimaraes portugal
15 Best Things to Do in Guimaraes: Discover this beautiful town in Portugal
Guimaraes is one of those little cities you must visit at least once in your lifetime. It is in the northern part of Portugal, 120 kilometers from Vigo and about 60 km from Porto. It is a fantastic excursion if you visit Porto for a few days. Porto is a beautiful city with gorgeous villages in its surroundings.