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The filmakers must have been like "you know What will drive them crazy? If We just put Draco and Hermione together here without explaining."

I like to see this as Draco and hermione complaining about their boyfriends. Hermione complaining about Ron, Draco complaining about Harry, planing revenge against the Twins that took Harry Ron whos' names escapes me

Daddy' Lucius and Draco in happier days

Daddy's Little Death Eater by noodlerface // THIS. Lucius didn't bully his son like it was shown in the movies. He was a loving and caring father. That's why Draco took over Lucius' ideas about purebloods being better and so on.

These Official Harry Potter Anime Characters Will Make You Squeal With Joy

has just licensed the FIRST-ever collection of anime Harry Potter characters. This set of 13 trading cards is part of a merchandise line that the company plans to release in the future.

Draco Malfoy Candle - Tart Apple, Slytherin Common Room, Hawthorn Wand

Malfoy Scented Candle- Tart Apple, Slytherin Common Room, and Hawthorn Wand from Mud In My Blood- "I always knew Draco would burn.