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a card with a silhouette of a woman and a flower on the top of it
Who is that lady? -With Melissa- I-Team
SVG Attic Blog: Who is that lady? -With Melissa- I-Team
heart shaped valentine's day cards with flowers and hearts painted on the front, sitting in a yellow box
Lavoretto per la festa della mamma
a heart shaped frame with flowers and leaves around it, in the center is a poem written
Festa della mamma poesie
a yellow card with two hands and the words mamma written in spanish on it
Pensierino per la Festa della mamma
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an image of a woman's face with the words mama un fio mi lega ate
an open notebook with pictures of trees and words written in spanish on the front page
four different pictures of trees with hearts on them
che cos’è una mamma 2
a flower with words written on it and the word momma spelled in different languages below
Lavoretti per la festa della Mamma: biglietto di carta a forma di fiore da colorare - Maestro Alberto
a card with yellow pom - poms on it and a ribbon around the corner
Felice festa della donna!