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charming life pattern: john green - quote - it hurt because... #book

I often just push the feeling of hurt down. For example, with friendships and people saying mean things. Cause those things mattered to you and someone picked at it. It hurt cause it did in fact matter to you, and they tore it apart.

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Im slowly implementing this :) this year is going to be a hell of a year

Contact lens with built-in telescope could help people with blinding disease

The lenses incorporate a thin reflective telescope of mirrors and filters; when light enters the eye it bounces off the series of mirrors and increases the perceived view of an object or person.

Nanex Company, a Belgian nano coating manufacturer, is helping shape the future by offering unique nano technology based solutions that transform textiles and nonwovens, giving them a whole range o…

Nano coatings for textiles and nonwovens: The future is NOW ~ The coating is wrapped around each individual fibre, so stains and liquids cannot damage the fibres and are more easily removed.

Don't underestimate me. #infp

Indeed, I'm quiet and aloof, yet I'm also silly and childlike and free-spirited. My dearest friends appreciate my diverse character traits.

I don't know if this is me because I tend to procrastinate and am late to do things. Although, it sounds enough like me where I put it in "Basically me" even though I'm still very conflicted about it.

When they set their minds on things, INFPs are not likely to give up easily, yet because of their outward gentleness, they do not show their determination.