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Fabtotum: è made in Italy la stampante 3D tre in uno

Makr Shakr: a robot at the counter of the bar of the future

New #Lympha to #plants thanks to the #smart #irrigation

Moovenda: small pleasures at home, in an hour

Charity Stars: a brilliant formula for charity

Impossible to forget the #deadlines of the #car, with #Veicoli - The #expiry of the road #tax or insurance, the date of the renewal of the #driving license or the imminent #appointment for the #revision, the #frequency of the #refueling or of changing tires: lots of information to keep in mind- or a scope of agenda, for the most ordered- and the constant #risk of forgetting them.

#Supermercato24: #buy at home in just a few clicks (and just one hour) - “I started to write the software of Supermercato24 on last year on August, 9th and the website went online on September, 15th: the idea seemed good, and indeed it was, especially in view of the absence of competitors’: Enrico Pandian is 35 years old and different histories of entrepreneurial success behind when he creates and launches Supermercato24, a platform that allows the user to find online a bellman, who will go…

#CheckBonus: win #shopping doing shopping - Enter in a shop, browse among the shelves, try a dress, a pair of earrings or a lipstick, just buy, and then take the exit to go to another #store. A habit for all, often turned into a moment of relaxation for yourself, that as of today may become an opportunity to obtain rewards and discounts and access to special promotions. It’s what makes CheckBonus, literally “the first app that brings customers into the store”, as defines it its founder…

Lambo, l’archivio per documenti e ricevute è in un’app

Niente più tempo perso in fila grazie a Qurami