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a small black cat figurine sitting on top of a pink box next to a red light
Mini calendar of Kiki's Delivery Service - a photo on Flickriver
a cute little sushi lamp sitting on top of a desk next to a keyboard
New Kawaii Lights at Smoko - Super Cute Kawaii!!
a black cat with the words i am the night written on it's back
Wendy O'Rourke on Twitter
unicorn marshmallow pops on a pink background
Unicorn marshmallow pops. Step-by-step instructions with video included.
unicorn marshmallow pops -- with video how-tos! Easy to make.
a stack of stuffed animals sitting on top of each other
Stack of Mamegoma plushies! Super cute! <3
four small stuffed animals are shown in different colors
Kinderkamer inspiratie
Noodoll knuffels via Gras onder je voeten love these cute kawaii little plushie toys easy to do design of beaver,bunny,hamster and super koala with a moustache
four slices of toast with faces painted on them and the words felt toast looohes
Toasts by whitefrosty on DeviantArt
kawaii toast pins :)
three stuffed cats wearing sunglasses and sitting next to each other
Kitty Go Nerdy Plush
Kitty Go Nerdy Plush
four ice cream balls with faces drawn on them
six buttons with cats on them sitting in front of a white background and one has a black cat
Cat Buttons Sewing Buttons / Fabric Buttons - 6 Large Fabric Buttons Set - Leisurely Cats on Cream LIMITED SETS
6 Large Fabric Buttons Set Leisurely Cats on by heydayhandmade, $8.50
someone is touching the cat's head with their hand
... ✿ ✿ i will name my first cat dumpling
a bunch of cats that are in a bowl
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Anyone else feel like there is a strong connection between this picture and Greece? ;) #Hetalia ❤ Kawaii Shop ❤