Put your iPhone in an empty glass to amplify the sound, no need for speakers! Why didn't I think of this before!?

Put an iPhone in a concave glass = instant speaker!

Amplifier Dock for iPhone/iPod

Amplifier Dock

Amplifier Dock is a passive amplifier and docking solution for iPhone and iPod touch that utilizes the shape and material of an ordinary ceramic bowl. Designed for disassembly, the ceramic bowl may be reused, steel hardware may be recycled, and hardwood/

iPhone speakers - DIY Repurposed Musical Instruments

iPhone amplifiers made of salvaged brass instruments. Analog Tele-Phonographers, amplifiers for iPhones and iPads that are built out of repurposed brass instruments and require no external power source!

Pringle Can Amplifier Beauty:   The cardboard and tape amplifier makes a noticeable difference in the sound from the iPhone speakers.  Shelly Leer / for the Star

Pringle Can Amplifier DIY: Cut somewhat smaller hole for phone inches from end of can, tape medium binder clip to each side of can, half way up. Spray paint entire thing if desired. Insert piece of squished toilet paper into open end of tube.

Phono Horn is a free downloadable paper sound dock kit designed for paper model and DIY enthusiasts

Free Paper Phono Horn Phone Dock Amplifies Sound & Delight — Rob Ives

A paper sound dock for your smart phone! Play your phone through the Phono Horn and the sound output is richer and clearer with improved bass.

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