Phone Booth - a thing of the past

Phone Booth - a thing of the past (Love the girls tights with the crotch creeping down - used to drive me nuts as a kid)

school. why?!

children and school, some things never change. I remember when school children were seated by grade rows, where the row represented what grade you were in. Ist grade was row grade was row and so on.

Szász János Photography - Children at the Muppet Theater

Children at a puppet Theatre watching St. George and the Dragon story; photo by Alfred Eisenstaedt, Tuileries, Paris, 1963 I love black and white photography precisely because it can capture an expression you can't describe with words.

Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Au Bois de Boulogne, 1911

Women on the street, French, Photo by Jacques-Henri Lartigue, taken on Avenue du Bois de Boulogne, Paris. Wow that hat is insane! How I wish people still dressed like this.

Robert Doisneau

One of my favorite photos of all time. Le cadran scolaire, by Robert Doisneau. Paris, 1956 - love the expressions!

Robert Doisneau // Chip shop, 1940s

Chip shop, by Robert Doisneau