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a person working on a large piece of art
Mel on Instagram: "Lego t-shirt 2.0! I was inspired by folk patterns from Mexico for this tee and I’m so happy with how it came out. Taking pre-orders! Will have a limited run of these available at the upcoming @33artistsmarket as well. #legoreliefprinting #legoletterpress #legoprinting #spokaneartist #spokanearts #spokanebookbinder #wearableart"
a black and white photo with the word cross spelled in lego letters on top of it
Buy fonts from the world�s favorite typography blog, I Love Typography (ILT)
I love Typography (ILT)
a machine that has some type of paper on it with an image of a robot
a piece of art that looks like a slice of pizza is hanging on a wall
the letter d is made out of legos
Nine with mustard. 😜 #36daysoftype09 #36daysoftype #36DOT #legodots #legodotsfun | Instagram
there are legos and toys on the table with words have hope in front of them
the letters and numbers are made out of legos
#legoprinting hashtag on Instagram • Photos and videos