Le 8 principali tecniche di meditazione: https://www.meditazionezen.it/8-tecniche-di-meditazione-infografica

Le 8 Principali Tecniche di Meditazione: differenze e benefici

One of the amazing things about yoga is that despite the great benefits that it produces, it requires no costs

Madame Butterfly by Giacomo Puccini

Puccini, Madama Butterfly

Puccini Madame Butterfly Opera Poster available in small to very large sizes, framed in period appropriate frames and unframed - Unique Wall Art — made in USA by MUSEUM OUTLETS

Cape Cod Morning, Edward Hopper

edward hopper

Edward Hopper Cape Cod Morning painting is shipped worldwide,including stretched canvas and framed art.This Edward Hopper Cape Cod Morning painting is available at custom size.

Evening by Edward Hopper    "If I could be a painter I would love to be a lot like Edward Hopper. The emotions of the people he paints are so apparent but at the same time almost….mysterious." My sentiments exactly

Here's the second installment of Emoji Nation by Ukrainian artist, Nastya Nudnik. As a tribute to Edward Hopper, Nudnik pairs ubiquitous Emoji and social media icons with Hopper's famous paintings. The result is quite amusing.

Turandot (G. Puccini) - Vintage Style Italian Opera Poster Photo at AllPosters.com

Turandot (G. Puccini) - Vintage Style Italian Opera Poster

Turandot De G Puccini - opera poster One of the posters on my first vocal teachers wall :)

Nighthawks, Edward Hopper, 1942, Oil on canvas

Compared with Edward Hopper, Register commented: “With Hopper you witness someone else’s isolation; in my pictures, I think you, the viewer, become the isolated one.

The Lighthouse at Two Lights; 1929 (oil on canvass) by Edward Hopper

Can you guess which famous lithograph was inspired by this Louisiana mansion?