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Tina's Still Life Work

This board is about my still life work that I created in Art class.
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This is the picture that I decided to use. If I were to do this again, I would plan my drawing out a little better. I didn't plan out my background, I just thought of it on the spot and thankfully it worked out, but maybe I won't so lucky the next time.


In the first class, I finished with the basic outline of the picture and started toning the objects.

While I was toning, I added a black and white filter to my picture so that I can see the dark, the light and the shadows better.

This is my finish product. Since I used graphite for the whole drawing, I thought it looked a bit dull. I decided to add some colors for my background to make it more interesting.

The ruler was very difficult to draw and tone because it's clear. I decided to replace it with a paintbrush.

I was being assessed on the composition, and my drawing and toning skills. These skills will help me in the future whenever I'm drawing something, it will help make my drawings look more realistic.

This is a video of me analyzing the pictures that I took. I used an app on the iPad to create this video. In the future, this app would work really well if I needed to create a video explaining and labeling something.

I still need to work on shadows to make my objects more realistic. The hardest part while working on my still life was definitely the toning. Since I was working with graphite, it was harder to show the different dimensions.

I was practicing my drawing and toning skills using objects from my picture.

I think that using social media to share your work is a great way to showcase it to everybody. It's very easy for people to admire your work and comment on it. There are so many ways and it's very creative.