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1934 Moto Guzzi Cardellino, 83cc.

1934 Moto Guzzi Cardellino, 83cc.

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Please Moto Guzzi, build this gorgeous green machine.

KaffeeMaschine is a custom bike workshop in Hamburg, Germany. It is run by Moto Guzzi fanatic Axel Budde, he is an expert in building amazing Moto Guzzi cafe racers. Featured here is his latest creation, the Kaffeemaschine a bike based on the cla

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Cafe Express Moto Guzzi #caferacer |

The bareness and stripped away look of a cafe racer bike could be moulded into my design. The colours of black and cream make it look dark but with a hint of sophistication, both good qualities for a high value motorboat.