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Marche festivals'

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Have a walk with us through the most amazing festivals' in the Marche region!

Appignano (MC, Italy) Leguminaria festival, "le cocce" , ceramic handcrafted bowls

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Old professions' bicycles, the COOPER one!

OLd professions' bicycles at "autumn tastes' festival" in Montefano (MC) read the whole article at:

Beans with pork rind, here's the recipe: Enjoy!! Leguminaria festival

Lentils' soup recipe at Healthy and tasty...and good!! Leguminaria festival

Chickpeas broth recipe at As your grannies' traditional legumes' broth! Leguminaria festival

Appignano (MC, Italy) Leguminaria festival ("Legumes in the air") more info & recipes at: