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Cecil Gee

American and European menswear import along with Austin’s (the now closed shop by Lou Austin) were on Shaftsbury Avenue and along Sam Arkus in Soho, Krantz, Sportique enabled the Modernists to.

Cathy McGowan, Ready Steady Go! tv show presenter.

Cathy McGowan was a British broadcaster and journalist, best known as a host of the popular rock music TV show, 'Ready Steady Go!' Called 'Queen of the Mods', McGowan was looked on as the symbol of the new swinging sixties teenager.

I'm totally a Mid.

'Are you a mod or a rocker? In Britain was split into two conflicting subcultures, MODS and ROCKERS who were easily defined and identfied through elements such as fashion and lifestyle.

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Подушка узел и постер @room_balalaika Knot cushion #knot #knotcushion #подушкаузел #кнот