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Homemade cakes garnished by lovers of decorating their sweets picked up on Internet
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a cupcake with white frosting and purple flowers
Cake Whiz | How to make fondant pansies Ideal for spring ceremony menu!
a cake that looks like a mushroom house
Mushroom Fairy Cake...if its a girl.
a white cake with red sprinkles on it and a tree made out of icing
Winter is Coming, I need to make this for the Game of Thrones party. and eat it. epically.
cookies decorated with pink and white icing on a plate
Enchanted Fairy Garden Girl Woodland Birthday Party Planning Ideas
Enchanted Fairy Garden 6th Birthday Party
there are three different types of cakes on the table and one is decorated with fruit
Cake Pelangi Kukus (Steamed Rainbow Cake)
Karin`s Recipe: Cake Pelangi Kukus (Steamed Rainbow Cake) It looks like so tasty but it's very nice to see too :))
chocolate bird's nest cupcakes on a wooden table
Chocolate Bird's Nest Cupcakes - Easter Cupcakes (gluten-free or regular)
Chocolate Bird's Nest cupcakes #glutenfree | Delicious nests for spring parties :))
a paper christmas tree on top of a card
Sugared Productions Blog -
Ruffled Christmas Tree cake I don't know how much sugar there is in this cake but it is very beautiful!
a blue cake with speckles and eggs on top is sitting on a white pedestal
Speckled Egg Cake
speckled egg cake Nice to see, I think tasty to eat too :))
two heart shaped desserts on plates next to a cup of tea
Valentine Petits Fours — Cakewalker
Valentine Petits Fours. Nice to see, isn't it? but I think tasty too
small cookies with whipped cream and jelly on top are sitting on a wooden surface next to the words black forest bites
Black Forest Bites
Black Forest Bites by Cravings of a Lunatic. Nice to see and yummy!
a birthday cake sitting on top of a table next to a box of candies
Candy Land Cake
Candy Land Cake !! How creative.
2h 30m
three cupcakes decorated like dinosaurs sitting on top of each other
Crazy for cupcakes
Dinosaur "hatching" cupcakes. Too nice for kid party!!