Idea for self portrait. Already taken picture amongst a different background. Inspiration for a set, a room filled with photographs of the sky?

Tiles of Lisbon from 1600-1625. Photo: Heather Moore

I got the blues in Lisbon

Cerulean blue crystals

My name is Carly I am a 28 yr old human I post my art and things that inspire me tags: my art me & the things I collect animal crossing my wishlist elsewhere: Somnium game project illustration portfolio background drawing by me contact: toothdelicious


Hard Tailoring Is Softened with the Weightless Touch of Layered Chiffons in Shades of Grey Dazed & Confused, January 2010 Ph: Benjamin Alexander Huseby Model: Hannah Holman


+ indigo scarfs~ from Carla Van Galen -Your will power, your choice. Indigo and blue in the photo speaks to both the throat and third eye- moving up through the spirals