Wines I love. Wines I tasted. Wines I'd like to taste! #wine #winetasting
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the words i vini rosatti in italian are painted on watercolor paper
Vino rosato: i migliori vini rosati in Italia | The Black Fig Food
Basta snobbare i #vinirosati. Chi li beve? Quali sono i migliori? Leggi e scopri perché vanno rivalutati e bevuti. #vino #vinirosati
a thermometer with different types of temperatures on it and numbers in red
Wine Serving Temperatures- INFOGRAPHIC
a map of tuscany wine regions in italy
Chianti Wine: The Taste, Region and Classic Pairings | Wine Folly
Tuscany wine map. Tasty wines from a pretty special place. Courtesy of Wine Folly.
wine bottles and glasses are lined up on the bar
Winetasting in Liguria, cantina Lunae. #winetasting #wine #vino
three bottles and two glasses of wine on a table
Barolo chinato tasting in Barolo. #barolo #piedmont #winetasting
a bottle of wine sitting on top of a table next to a vase filled with flowers
Fiano d'Avellino, great italian white wine from Campania. #fiano
there is a lot of wine corks in the glass
Il mio studio!
an image of a table setting with silverware and wine glasses on the table top
How to Set a Table
Always good to know how to set a table
three bottles of wine are sitting next to each other
I vini dolci al Desco 2012 | The Black Fig
Vini dolci in degustazione
there are many wine glasses lined up on the table
Degustazione di vini liquorosi, passiti, muffati, icewine a Lucca
a bowl of soup next to a bottle of wine
Crème Brûlèe and 2006 Chateau Cameron Sauterne to celebrate Julia Child’s 100th Birthday #SundaySupper #CookforJulia
Creme Brulee to celebrate Julia Child's 100 Birthday #CookForJulia