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Tibet girl by KIKIXUE   a-youfashion 2015SS image Fashion, Clothes, Clothing, Traditional Outfits, Traditional Fashion, Ethnic Fashion, Folk Costume, Costume Design, Fashion Photo
Tibet girl by KIKIXUE a-youfashion 2015SS image
an elaborately decorated shirt with tassels on the shoulders and neck, is displayed
LOT 222 - whitakerauction
Embroidered Chinese Silk Wedding Collar, early 20th c.
a man dressed in native american clothing standing next to a statue
Artist Jim Hart with his sculpture The Three Watchmen.
a black and white photo of a man with spikes on his head standing in front of the sky
This Siberian bear-hunting suit from the 1800s turns you into a human blowfish
This Siberian bear-hunting suit from the 1800s turns you into a human blowfish
two people with hats sitting on the ground
“Witches” of Hadhramaut
Wadi Hadhramaut, Hadhramaut Governorate, Yemen: women in abayas and traditional straw hats – conical witches hats, known as madhalla. (Photo by Eric Lafforgue)
a man standing next to a woman dressed in black and white striped clothing with an elaborate headdress
円 斬 天 暁
the-two-germanys: “ Masque cérémoniel de N’zo. Postcard, République de Guinée. ”
two skeletons are standing next to each other in front of a door with their faces painted
Yang Yankang
Tibetan masks; while not exactly "morbid" they definitely have a creepy vibe.
some people are dressed up and posing for a photo in front of some rocks with grass
Dogon #12
Africa | Dogon masqueraders/dancers from Mali | ©Frans Devriese
a group of people in costume walking down the street with long horns on their heads
Festa popolare in Sardegna
two men dressed in red and yellow standing on steps with their backs to each other
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monks on a snowy day in Tibet* Arielle Gabriel, author of The China Adventures of Arielle Gabriel is a Buddhist who writes about the miracles of Kuan Yin in her book The Goddess of Mercy & The Dept of Miracles, when she suffered financial disaster in the mercenary city of Hong Kong *
a young boy wearing a red hat and holding a gold purse in his hand while standing next to another person
Linaje Nyingma del budismo tibetano
a man with a blue turban on his head is walking down the street
Welcome TrekEarth users! - FlyerTalk Forums
four black statues with braids on their backs
oshiwambo Archive - Gondwana Collection Blog
The eembuvi-plaits of the Women. Namibia .
an african man with white paint on his face and chest, standing in the desert